Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Lulzsec Lie

You might have stumbled over the pastebin file that claims to expose users of a child porn trading site. There's more than one thing fishy with this hack.

First of all, notice the choice of word:
"virtual CP is wrong"
- allegedly Lulzsec
What? Virtual CP is wrong? Not CP in general? Well, that fits the log that was published some time ago. In this log Sabu attacks an Anonymous pedo because he pissed off one of Sabus "security researchers". Aside from exposing that Sabu acts like a leader, the log shows that he doesn't care about child porn trading, just about keeping his minions.

Also, "exposing" alleged pedos like they did would in fact hinder prosecution and destroy evidence. Nothing else.

Next fishy thing: Quite a few names in that email list seem to be female.
So I decided to take a look at the site. All I saw was spamming that claimed the site would contain child porn and pedos. There were pics, but all of them showed quite adult looking cartoon females. The message board also didn't contain ANY hints that it would be indeed a child porn site.

All we see is that it's just a Hentai page.

Now for an interesting turn:
Being busy, I forgot about the matter and thought sooner or later someone would do the research. But noone did and all that was spread was the very questionable "Lulzsec hacked CP site". So I took another look and... wow.
Suddenly the page DID contain child porn. It was uploaded AFTER the site was hacked.

Since this was serious matter I decided to have a look at the site in the wayback machine.*/

The site seems to be dead for years.

If you open one of the old images, it shows that it is just a hentai page, dedicated to Japanese hentai games (this is why there's a "saved games" folder). No child porn at all.

The only ones who possessed and uploaded child porn were ANONYMOUS MEMBERS.

Yes, that is shocking. Also shocking, but not really unexpected, is that they again exposed the data (and even encouraged severe harassment) of in fact innocent people.
+7000 harmless Heintai fans, whose only crime seems to be a certain weakness for ridiculously large breasts, are now branded as child porn traders and pedophiles. Some of them used their real name email address to register.

This is the worst slander ever. Not only the life of some random porn fans can be seriously destroyed, but it is also a terrible insult to the victims of real pedophiles. So molesting childs is now a funny thing to accuse others of, like accusing others to have lice is funny in preschool? No. Absolutely no. This is a new record of crappiness.

They just hacked a random site which was dead for ages and called it a child porn site. This is the new hacktivism, right? Looking what is easy to hack and make up reasons afterwards. That Lulzsec was behind this hack in debatable, it is more likely that some copycats tried to get some fame or give us the impression that Sabu and Kayla are still around. But without doubt the culprits are Anons, since they plastered the whole site with Anonymous symbols.

Please spread this info and help to restore truth. See through their lies.

Thanks for reading and please excuse my shoddy english,

Justice Duck

This is what Anons did to those harmless Hentai fans. They posted their real names and spammed/encouraged people to spam their e-mails. A french guy even wants to mail all relatives:

A witch-hunt. Those ignorant people join a witch hunt just because some pastebin text claims to expose pedophiles. They never checked if this claim was true, they just followed what "Lulzsec" asked them to do. Yes, yes, Godwin's law, but please ask yourself, is that so much different from what happend in Nazi-Germany?


First mentions of the pastebin text:!/LulzRat/status/107152069286305793!/LuLzOps/status/107150430345240576
Both 26.8., the same day the pastebin text was posted, the whole densetsu message board got deleted and spammed instead with Anonymous messages.
The child porn was uploaded on 29.8.

Thanks to @synthespian101 for looking those tweets up,
Thanks to all people who retweeted the link and helped spreading the truth,

Justice Duck

For those who don't want to click the hacked version of the page but still want proof that the child porn was uploaded DAYS after the hack, here's a screen that won't cause you nightmares. I redacted all disturbing pictures. Yes, those totally black ones have to be like that. Contained toddlers. I wish I never had seen those pictures. Like I said, they weren't there on 28.8. and I was really shocked to stumble over them a few days later.
The people who uploaded those pictures commited a crime. They possessed and distributed child porn. And they gave me nightmares.

@Anon_Lobo asked both Twitter users who posted the leak link first. Reaction:
@Lulzrat deleted all old Tweets. Posted a stupid "last word" message:
"We Are Legion, for we are Many. ♡"
The heart appears for me in twitter as three stripes. And the last words... a tautology. Wow.
What's next? "We do not forget, for we do not obliviate"? "We do not forget, for we have no Alzheimer's"?

@LulzOps posted a link to a pastebin with the same Lulzsec signature.


  1. That's fucking scary.

    It's bad enough that corporations lie and steal and ruin the name of all honest trade, now you have pedophiles posing as Anonymous and ruining the image of vigilante social justice.

  2. Umm vigilante social justice? What are you smoking? Anonymous is just a bunch of immature children, that is why things like this happen. They don't care about social justice, they care about being in the lime light, they're media attention whores.

  3. I think it was sarcasm dude.

  4. Sarcasm is sometimes lost on the internet. My apologies, I have just seen too many Anon groupies trying to defend Anon in similar manners, if it was sarcasm, I redact my statement about the poster, but my statement about anon still stands.